MarkMonitor reports brandjackers abuse pharmaceutical brands

MarkMonitor have released their Summer 2008 Brandjacking Index, reporting that brandjackers increasingly abuse top-ranked pharmaceutical brands. This abuse, they say, endangers consumers via a supply chain compromised by the sale of questionable prescription drugs through dubious online pharmacies and exchange sites. The report also found that cybersquatting of leading brands has reached an all-time high and that phishers are targeting an increased number of diverse organizations for the first time.

The report found brandjackers continue to focus their attention on cybersquatting to abuse leading brands as well as pharmaceutical brands. Cybersquatting of drug brands rose 35 percent in 2007 and eCommerce sites for these drug brands rose by 66 percent for the year.

Cybersquatting of mainstream brands continued its position as the brandjacker’s tool of choice with 428,617 instances during the second quarter of 2008. This growing trend in cybersquatting shows a 38-percent increase compared with the previous year.

The media and automotive industries continued to be the most frequently targeted by brandjackers. The media industry experienced 41,797 instances of brandjacking in Q2 2008, a 17 percent increase since Q2 2007. The automotive industry experienced 27,600 instances of brandjacking in Q2 2008, a 60-percent increase since Q2 2007.

Meanwhile brandjacking of the apparel industry grew by 68 percent over the year, the greatest annual increase of any category. In parallel, the luxury industry grew at the greatest rate for the quarter at 30 percent.

Three out of four brandjacking sites are hosted in the U.S., a 55 percent increase compared to Q1 2008. Germany continued in the No. 2 spot with 5 percent of brandjacking sites, while China moved from the seventh position to the third.

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