Last Chance To Comment On .AU Policy Review

Submissions close this Friday (21 January) on a review into the policy framework for .AU domain names currently being undertaken by the policy and regulatory body for .AU domains.

In November a discussion paper was released inviting discussion on issues such as should:

  • restrictions on registrants being Australian, or registered to trade in Australia, remain in place
  • .AU be open to direct registrations, such as
  • informal clubs and groups be allowed to register .AU domain names
  • the current two-year fixed licence be changed to allow longer or shorter registration periods
  • leasing of .AU domains be allowed
  • registrations of single-character domain names be allowed
  • individuals be allowed to register domain names that related to a personal hobby or interest – currently there is no place for Australians to register a .AU domain name for their special interest or hobby unless they do so under their personal name (ID.AU) or are a registered business
  • a reserved names list, that contains names protected by government legislation, continue
  • there be changes to the domain monetisation policy
  • there be changes to the list of names protected under the Prohibition on Misspellings Policy.

To comment on the discussion paper, through a submission or completing an online survey, see:

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