Vint Cerf Vows To Do Everything He Can To Push IPv6 Adoption

Vint Cerf imageThe last blocks of IPv4 addresses are likely to be allocated to regional registries “within the next few weeks”, Vint Cerf, formerly chair of ICANN and now Google’s Chief Internet Evangelist, has said its time to act and adopt IPv6.

“The IP version 4 address space will be formally exhausted from ICANN’s point of view within the next few weeks, maybe less,” he said at an Internet Society of Australia reception in Sydney, reports The Australian.

Cerf also “said he would ‘do everything I possibly can’ to get Google involved in demonstrations and testing over coming months.”

As the address pool runs low, some companies are busy buying blocks of the remaining addresses at around US$0.50 for each block. However this is short-sighted and companies would be better off upgrading their equipment, a process which is inevitable.

Dengate-Thrush said that, eventually, the internet will be largely IPv6, bringing a profound change, reported AFP. Where the old 32-bit protocol is limited to about 4 billion addresses, 128-bit IPv6 can have 340 billion billion billion billion.

With more and more devices connecting to the internet every hour, demand is high. It has been said the US military plans to have an IP address for every piece of equipment, and AFP reports that even lamp posts could be connected to the internet requiring an IP address so they “can report when their bulbs need changing and every camera will have an IP address and can upload photos automatically.”

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