.SE introduces faster and less expensive ADR for disputes over .SE domains

.SE - Sweden - logo.SE (The Internet Infrastructure Foundation) now offers the option of faster and less expensive processing of ADR cases in the event of a domain name dispute.

[news release] Under the accelerated ADR, the dispute is decided by an arbitrator within 10 working days, instead of 30 days, at a cost of SEK 2,000. This option is based on the counterparty failing to respond to the ADR petition. Otherwise, the same prerequisites apply as during a standard ADR.

Since 2003, the “first come, first serve” principle applies to the allocation of .se domain names: the first party to apply for an available domain name receives it without a preliminary examination. A party who believes that someone else has registered a domain name to which the aforementioned party is entitled may appeal the allocation of the domain name retrospectively through an Alternative Dispute Resolution proceeding (ADR), which is an easier and less expensive alternative than going to court. Very few registrations of .se domains lead to disputes. In 2010, 80 cases were decided, although the average has been between 40 and 50 since ADRs were introduced in 2003.

Accelerated ADR

.SE now offers the option of selecting an accelerated ADR proceeding on submission of an ADR petition. The accelerated ADR proceeding is only applied if the counterparty fails to respond to the ADR petition. In this event, the case is processed within 10 working days instead of the standard 30 days. The arbitrator considers all prerequisites applicable in a standard ADR case, but announces his/her decision without further justification, meaning that the arbitrator does not account for his/her arguments in the case.

Accelerated ADR costs

The cost of an accelerated ADR proceeding is SEK 2,000. The fee is lower since the case is only decided by one arbitrator, without said arbitrator accounting for his/her arguments in the case
“We have introduced the accelerated ADR proceeding because we have noticed that many counterparties fail to respond to ADR petitions. Introducing an accelerated ADR allows these specific cases to be decided faster and at a lower cost. This means that the obvious cases of domain-name registration abuse are addressed more promptly,” says .SE’s Senior Legal Counsel Elisabet Ekstrand.

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