Premium Domains and For Sale

The domain names and are up for sale through and Sedo respectively.

While there are several World Trade Centre’s around the globe, is seeking to cash in on the tragedy of 9 September 2001.

“We believe that will forever attract those seeking to commemorate such a poignant event in U.S. history,” said Carron Brown, Director of Marketing for Thought Convergence. “We’re proud to play a role in locating the appropriate owner to preserve the reverence of the site.”

Meanwhile is seeking to cash in on an entirely different demographic – what Sedo describes as the “highly influential ‘mom’ demographic.”

Sedo notes that with the buying power of American mothers currently $2.1 trillion a year, what the North Americans call the “mom” (the rest of us English speakers say “mum”) demographic is one of the most lucrative consumer groups in the United States. Moreover, they are one of the top performing groups with regards to blogging, social media, couponing and overall internet use. A recent study shows that the number of “US Adult Female Internet Users with Children” increases year by year, revealing the massive marketing opportunity for this growing demographic.

“It’s very rare when a domain name of this value becomes available – especially one that has not yet been developed,” said Kathy Nielsen, Director of Sales at Sedo. “ not only offers the right investor the ability to start with a clean slate, but also provides a very significant marketing and revenue opportunity. We are very pleased to be chosen as the exclusive brokerage firm to represent this domain sale.”

Descriptive and generic domains that define a category have historically been the most valuable properties on the Web. Similar domains that have sold in the past show the potential value of the sale of this domain. For example, sold for $5 million in 2009, sold for $1,320,000 in 2003, and sold for $2,500,000 in 2011.