Utilising New gTLDs To Enhance Customer Experiences And Data Mining

With new gTLDs most likely to be launched this year, there are several benefits to business that successfully apply for their own domains. One of those is enhancing their knowledge of the visitors to the website using their gTLD, or as Clickz describe it, “building a robust consumer experience for data mining.”

“One of the key distinctions of owning a .brand vs. a brand.com is that the .brand is owned by the brand owner,” the ClickZ article notes. “This means the brand owns the entire registry including all raw data associated with operating a registry.”

The article says that those brand owners that drew an early number in ICANN’s priority draw last month need to begin thinking about how they will use their gTLD if they aren’t advanced in this planning already.

“Just migrating .com over to .brand is a waste of this valuable asset. Brand gTLD owners have the unique opportunity to evaluate their current analytics and consider how they can improve the consumer navigation experience with a .brand. For one, a .brand can enhance overall navigation because all subpages or important landing pages can become more memorably named, e.g., moviepromotion.mcdonalds or backtoschool.target. Additionally, .brand owners can build in more user-friendly search and navigation functions, as well as more easily create contests or promotions that can be promoted directly via traditional marketing or social media. The .brand owners can also allow consumers to engage with more personalized pages – e.g., jenwolfe.chase – and establish a more direct connection with the brand.”

Other advantages may include “developing “likes” or social networking within their own site” and tying “.brand landing pages to your mobile device strategy so that consumers can move seamlessly from one to the other no matter their device.”

While much, if not all, of this can be done with an existing TLD domain, the article says there are benefits such as “with a .brand, the nomenclature and landing pages can become more memorable, the .brand can offer greater security to consumers in providing site authenticity, and the brand assumes ownership over the data and the entire top level. These elements provide more opportunities for innovative thinking, which allows companies to reduce costs in data analytics and market research, as well as better tailor advertising by deepening their customer relationships.”

While companies that didn’t apply for their gTLDs could be at a disadvantage for several years before ICANN opens up new applications for additional gTLDs, “brands that did apply and who choose to innovatively design their gTLD to create a robust consumer experience that generates meaningful data will have a market advantage over their competitors.”

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