Domain Name Dispute Regulation: Comparative Analysis by Anoop Kumar, National Academy of Legal Studies and Research

Abstract: The 21st century is being nourished in the shadow of a borderless system, known as internet. It has been beneficial to all in every walk of their lives. If we have to send a letter, we do not move to the nearby post-office, rather switch on our computer and log into our email to send the mail. We do not bother to rush to the railway or airport agents to book our tickets; rather we get it booked through internet. In a nutshell, internet has revolutionised the system of our day-to-day lives and communications world like nothing before. It has acquired a significant place in our lives.

Also, it has emerged as a world-wide broadcasting capability, a mechanism for information dissemination, and a medium for collaboration and interaction between individuals without any border. The growing use of internet in the present world can be witnessed by the survey reports of various agencies. The survey report of 2012, submitted by the Internet World Stats, reveals of all the internet users across the globe, the majority belonged to Asia with 44.8% of the total internet users in 2012.

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