.CLUB Now Number One New gTLD And Poised To Crack 60,000 Registrations

DotClub logoThe .club gTLD passed .guru in the battle of the new gTLDs with the most registrations to become number one yesterday (26 May). At the end of the day, there were 59,400 .club registrations and 59,280 registrations according to nTLDstats.com.

The rise of .club hasn’t quite met the expectations of the registry who predicted the gTLD would be the largest within a week of General Availability commencing, but they did make it within three weeks. And while registrations for all new gTLDs taper off following the first day of General Availability, .guru has managed to maintain over 1,000 registrations per day last week (during its third week with 8,741) compared to .guru with not quite 200 registrations per day, or 1,386 for the week.

They are the only two of the new gTLDs to have launched with more than 50,000 registrations and .club should crack 60,000 today. Back in a now lonely third place is .berlin with 48,163. Following is another four gTLDs with more than 30,000 registrations – .photography (36,539), .在线 (Chinese for “online” – 31,556), .link (31,513) and .email (31,023). Rounding out the top ten are .today (25,306), .tips (22,976) and .company (19,804).

In total there are 835,037 registrations across the 275 gTLDs that have been delegated with 130 registrars that take registrations for at least one gTLD and 37 registries.

Now there are 22 gTLDs with more than 10,000 registrations, 45 with more than 5,000 and 90 with more than 1,000.