Domainer-Friendly .XYZ Hits Landrush

dotXYZ logoThe .xyz new gTLD has hit Landrush with thousands of premium names available to the global general public at regular Landrush prices. And the gTLD is encouraging domainers to get involved with the gTLD with domainer-friendly policies.

The domainer-friendly policies being touted by the gTLD include:

  • virtually every domain is available – less than 3,000 names have been reserved (as compared to tens and hundreds of thousands for other gTLDs)
  • all .xyz domains are available for the standard registration fee – no premium pricing
  • all .xyz landrush domains renew at the standard renewal rate, making it affordable to hold a portfolio of .xyz domains.

It is also being billed as the first generic gTLD to hit the market. The Sunrise period saw, according to a CentralNic news release, world-leading brands secure their trademarks.

The gTLD is owned by 27 year old Daniel Negari, himself a successful domain investor with a track record of buying and selling over $100 million worth of domains.

“With experience as a domain investor, I understand the importance of releasing great domains at affordable prices to give investors the opportunity to make a commercial rate of return”, said Negari.

“Unlike most TLD operators trying to extract as much from domainers as possible through high prices for premiums and recurring premium prices, .xyz is positioning itself as the new .com – giving domainers the opportunity to buy anything they want at Landrush, and then benefit from .xyz’s unprecedented global marketing campaign to enjoy the increase in values that comes from global demand”, said Ben Crawford, CEO of CentralNic.

.xyz domains are now available through leading registrars worldwide. Landrush ends at 12.00 UTC on 2 June.