ICANN Auctions Two gTLD Strings For $1.9m

ICANN new generic Top Level Domains logoICANN auction off two more new gTLD strings yesterday for a combined total of $1,901,000.

There were two applicants bidding in both auctions. For PING, Ping Registry Provider, Inc. prevailed with a winning price of $1,501,000. While for SRL. mySRL GmbH prevailed with a winning price of $400,000.

All proceeds from the Auction are being segregated and withheld from use until ICANN’s Board of Directors define a plan for an appropriate use of the funds through consultation with the community. ICANN now has around $59 million set aside as a result of auctions for the new gTLD strings.

The auctions for gTLD strings come about when applicants are unable to resolve contention among themselves; thus their contention set proceeded to auction, which is the method of last resort to resolve string contention as prescribed in Module 4 of the New gTLD Program Applicant Guidebook. Subject to payment of the winning price and meeting all other criteria for eligibility, the winner will enter ICANN’s contracting process to sign a Registry Agreement to operate the gTLD.

ICANN has also provided the following information:

  • Contention Set Status: 197 of 233 contention sets are now resolved. The majority have self-resolved, but 13 sets resolved via Auction (method of last resort).
  • Auction Results: Auction reports on this page of the New gTLD Microsite provide additional information on each Auction outcome.
  • Auction Proceeds and Costs: A detailed summary of the proceeds and costs of each Auction through February 2015. This information will be updated to within 7 days of each Auction.
  • Auction Schedule [PDF, 251 KB]: Subsequent auctions are scheduled to occur on a monthly basis through mid-2015.
  • General New gTLD Program Auctions information.