NamesCon Live Auction Already Has Five $100,000+ Bids

Pre-bidding for the NamesCon/Right Of The Dot/NameJet auction is already seeing some big bids for premium domain names with five .com domains having bids for $100,000 or more. And one lot, a bundle of 7 domains (,,,,, and has attracted a highest bid of $1,010,000, which has not yet met its reserve of $1,013,000. EstiBot values this lot as being worth $1,640,000.
NamesCon runs from 22 to 25 January but bidding for the live/online auction will take place on 23 January at 15:00. Pre-bidding started in November 2016, with the post-auction extended bidding for domains not sold running to 8 February 2017.

The five domain names currently with bids of $100,000 or more are ($800,000), ($506,000), ($199,999) and and (both for $100,000). Short and one word domain names dominate those with the highest bids, along with a handful of two-word domains.

The highest bid to date for a domain name is which has attracted a $5,300 bid while the highest .net bid is for for $4,950. Among new gTLDs, the highest bid is for which has a bid of $1,010. From a search perspective .tv, along with a few others such as .co and .me, are considered generic Top Level Domains. So the highest country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) bid is for and ($300).

To check out current bids or participate in the auction, go to: