5 Six-Figure Domain Sales Top Weekly Chart Following NameJet/ROTD/NamesCon Auction

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For 2 weeks in a row the top domain name sale on the Domain Name Journal chart only reached $50,000. And then this week there were 5 six-figure sales! The sales were all part of the NameJet and partner RightOfTheDot.com (ROTD) who had a live event staged at the 2019 NamesCon Global conference in Las Vegas in late January.

The top seller was ol.com which sold for $900,000 followed by leads.com ($435,000), domainnames.com ($370,000), djs.com ($130,000) and stop.com ($110,000). There were even 3 more that beat the biggest sales for each of the past 2 weeks – boot.com and mywebsite.com (both selling for $70,000 through Sedo and the NameJet/ROTD/NamesCon Auction respectively while investingmoney.com sold for $55,000 through Sedo.

There were 11 sales through the NameJet/ROTD/NamesCon Auction in the top 20 reported sales for the week ending 10 March, another 2 through NameJet themselves and 6 through Sedo. In the top 20 there were 18 .com sales and one each for .net and .de.

To check out the Domain Name Journal chart of top reported sales for the week ending 10 March, see: