Brands Usage of New gTLDs Continues To Rise: Authentic Web

The latest Authentic Web report into brand usage of new gTLDs has found over 175 Brands are now active in using their own trusted namespaces.

There are now 2,876 live websites using brand new gTLDs, up 12% in the period 31 December to 30 March according to Makeway.World statistics, while active redirects are up 8% to 8,400 and the number of domain names registered are up 6% to 16,462.

In the report, they note that 11 of the 12 newest Brand gTLD domains are redirect domains. These are domains like that point to other URLs such as In most cases, domain redirects are nothing special. An example could be a company running a sales promotion for 2 months that expired. A domain redirect that pointed to the now-defunct landing page can then redirect to a search-optimised location such as the company home page.

The Authentic Web report gives an example of Yamaha, a company that could make good use of their own new gTLD. The globally diversified mega-brand is famous for musical instruments and motorcycles and their domain is for their musical instruments division. It’s not until one scrolls to the bottom of the page they find a button redirecting to A poor user experience as the report notes.

Some good examples noted by Authentic Web of use of new gTLDs are, and They note these are three superbly executed brand-friendly examples of domain redirects leveraging the power of their respective Brand TLDs.

To download the latest Brand TLD Market Brief from Authentic Web, go to: