.Brand Domain Registrations Jump 50% in 2018 As Usage Climbs and Europe Leads the Way: Neustar

The number of domain names registered by brands in their new gTLDs jumped over 50% in 2018 the latest .brands Industry Report from Neustar reports. According to the report there were 15,595 .brand domain names registered at the end of 2018 with 10,509 being in use, which is in itself up 50% in 12 months.

All the statistics on usage of .brand new gTLDs are up with the number of domain names being registered to each .brand new gTLD also up, up 54%, while redirects were up 53% to 7,923 and resolving domains were up 41% to 2,586.

The number of brands using their new gTLD in 2018 grew by 47, and while the report doesn’t appear to note the total number of .brand new gTLDs, the Dot Brand Observatory reported that in June 2018 there were 538 live .brands with 170 of these active.

According to the Neustar report, the number of .brands with more than 20 domain names registered was 91 while there was a 40% growth in new gTLDs with more than 500 domains registered.

When it comes to regions, Europe accounted for over two-thirds (69%) of .brand domain name registrations and 8 of the top 10 .brands by registrations were also in Europe – Audi, DVAG, Allfinanz and Lamborghini. The remaining registrations by region came from North America (19%), Asia Pacific (10%) and South America (2%).

The largest sector by .brand domain name registrations was banking and financial, followed by automotive, internet services, energy, logistics, construction, business services, consumer electronics, retail and rounding out the top 10 was telecommunications.

The 2 .brands that grew their domain usage the most in 2018 according to the report came from the BMW Group, with .Mini growing 1,585% (to 290 at the end of 2018 according to nTLDstats) and .bmw growing 244% (to 122). Others to grow significantly were the German financial group Deutsche Vermögensberatung whose .dvag grew 146% (to 2,433), .audi grew 116% (to 1,351) and Australia Post’s .auspost grew 100% (albeit to only 21).

The report also showcases a number of brands using their new gTLDs including HSBC (.hsbc) who discuss how they’re driving increased social engagement and Apple (.apple). And Neustar’s Corey Grant discussed how “the ability to create trustworthy, adaptable and consistent links to improve customer experience is a clear advantage, and the minimal risk involved makes it a perfect place to start.”

To download a free copy of the full report, go to: https://www.home.neustar/lp/brand-report/index.html