Rwanda Looks To Boost Awareness And Adoption Of .RW

The Rwandan government is aiming to boost the digital footprint of the east-central African country of 12.2 million people, the Ministry of ICT and Innovation in partnership with RICTA Rwanda announced. The programme includes a campaign to increase awareness and adoption of .rw as the preferred ccTLD for business and people in the country. The campaign is to last 3 months and is called (in English “” means “I”).

“As we launch the ‘Nahisemo .rw’ campaign we are aiming at increasing Rwanda’s digital profile by rallying Rwandan businesses and organisations with web presence to take-up the .rw country level domain. Uptake of the .rw domain is a good fit into our vision of transitioning Rwanda into becoming a digital economy which will see the creation of a new marketplace, consolidated into a single digital market for the region and also for the continent,” Paula Ingabire said.

“There is this notion that other domains are better than our country domain. Having a .rw identity promotes local consumption and promotes localisation of our businesses. We encourage Rwandan businesses with global footprint to localise their domain names and also have that pride that they are a Rwandan brand. We also calling upon businesses and organisations working in Rwanda to use the .rw domain because it affirms to our collective commitment to promote the consumption of locally home-grown solutions,” she added.

Within Rwanda there’s currently slightly more than 8,000 domain names registered, of which half are .rw domain names, the rest for other top-level domains.

According to RICTA’s Acting CEO, Grace Ingabire Rwanda’s recorded Internet growth will be undoubtedly insignificant if the country lags behind in terms of .rw country domains. She added that the more the country increases the number of .rw domain the better it is for the country’s digital economy. She encouraged other Rwandan businesses to embrace .rw.

For every Rwandan website registered outside it’s a loss to our digital economy. If all Rwandan businesses register RW, our digital presence as a country also increases which is an added advantage to our efforts to promote our Rwandan identity online,” said Grace Ingabire.

RICTA is an acronym that means ‘Rwanda Internet Community and Technology Alliance, an organisation mandated with the management of domain names in Rwanda.