Start-ups Using .TECH Domains Raise Over $2B In Venture Capital Funding

Radix, the company behind the .tech new gTLD, announced recently that at least 170 start-ups using .tech domain names have raised over $2 billion in venture capital funding between 2017 to 2019. According to Radix, these start-ups are spread across industries such as auto, crypto, mobility and energy, among others. Based on an analysis of start-ups that are listed on Crunchbase, the source of the information, as of June 2019, there are over 250 new top-level domains that are in use by start-ups. However .tech is the most popular being used by over 650 start-ups.

Speaking about .tech’s popularity amongst start-ups and investors, Suman Das, Director of Brand Operations at Radix, said, “Since its launch, there has been a steady organic uptake across the tech industry with start-ups, small tech businesses, thought leaders, pioneers, and communities adopting .tech domain extension for branding their online presence.”

There are currently 262,000 .tech domain names according to nTLDstats and according to Radix around 41,500 websites using .tech domain names, which are registered in 106 countries.

.tech boasts of a wide array of usage from top-notch industry pioneers such as Consumer Electronics Show, CES (, Viacom (, and Intel (, to name a few. The domain extension has also garnered significant interest from coveted social media influencers such as Austin Evans ( with 12M+ social reach), Edgar Oganesyan (DealSource.Tech with 1.8M+ social reach), and Dom Esposito ( with 500K social reach), amongst many others.

“Our primary focus has always been to ensure that .tech is presented as an enabler of tech and product innovation to the growing community of technology enthusiasts, and to increase awareness of not just .tech but also the new top-level domains industry on the whole”, Suman Das further added.

With this in mind, .tech has supported over 17K students of technology through hackathons, and thousands of other developers across the globe through exciting partnerships with premier tech schools, and leading tech platforms such as GitHub. Github was acquired by Microsoft last October, and to be associated with such reputed brands is definitely a step in the right direction to add more credibility to .tech and other new top-level domains.

Based on independent market research conducted by Radix among tech professionals and tech students in North America in June 2019, one in two respondents (with a Confidence Level of 95%) were found to be aware of .tech domain extension. In addition, .tech was found to be most associated with attributes such as credibility, uniqueness, and suitability for tech businesses in the context of domain names.

Speaking about the future plans of the brand, Suman Das added, “We will continue with our efforts to amplify the visibility for .tech amongst the tech ecosystem. With high-impact partnerships and adoption across the spectrum, we wish to make .tech the most sought-after domain extension in the global tech industry.”

.tech, which was 4 years old in August, is one of the premier domain extensions in Radix’s new top-level domains portfolio of 9 new gTLDs, including .store, .site and .online, with 4.958 million domains under management, the most of any new gTLD operator.