Radix Adds .UNO Taking Its Tally To 10 New gTLDs

Radix, the largest of the new gTLD registries by domains under management with over 5.1 million domain names, has added .uno to its portfolio taking its tally to 10 new gTLDs.

“Uno” is probably most recognised around the world as a card game or the Spanish and Italian for the number one. But in the world of new generic top-level domains it was the sole new gTLD delegated to Dot Latin LLC and the operator had proposed it as an alternative to .com aimed at the Hispanic and Italian communities. It was delegated in November 2013 and currently has 16,400 registrations, with three-quarters (12,300) of its registrations through the one registrar, Domainia.

The ownership transfer was completed in September 2019 and Radix now has exclusive rights to operate .uno globally. The domain extension will be available across Radix’s 200+ registrar partners from early 2020. It will be the smallest of the now 10 new gTLDs operated by Radix.

.UNO is the second 3-letter domain in Radix’s portfolio, the first one being .FUN which was launched by Radix in the first half of 2017. Going by the trends, Radix say 3-letter new top-level domains have seen natural acceptance globally with a consistent uptake. To give some perspective, four of the top-ten new domain extensions (by zone size) are 3-letter domains; accounting for up to 8.5M+ registrations in total.

“We are excited to add .UNO to our portfolio which boasts of some of the most successful new extensions,” said Sandeep Ramchandani, CEO, Radix. “As with our other TLDs, the idea is to invest in various marketing avenues to take .UNO to the market with our strong registrar network; specifically in geographies such as Latin America and Asia where there is an affinity to the string.”

Existing users on .UNO include giga.uno, a business content management solution provider; platform.uno, an open-source platform for building apps; seed.uno, a UN organisation; amongst many others.

Radix began its journey as a new domains registry in 2012 with 7 new domain extensions and one repurposed ccTLD .PW; and since then has acquired .TECH (2014), .FUN (2017) and now .UNO (2019). “We are always on the lookout to acquire nTLDs that align with the top-notch quality of our other TLDs.”, added Sandeep Ramchandani.

Currently, Radix is the only new domain portfolio registry that has two of its domain extensions, .ONLINE and .SITE, with over 1 million registrations each.